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when you reblog something risky and dont lose followers


this stays gold omfg

And Captain banned headphones from the office, due to the Gina incident.


5-Year-Old With Autism Paints Stunning Masterpieces 

Autism is a poorly-understood neurological disorder that can impair an individual’s ability to engage in various social interactions. But little 5-year-old Iris Grace in the UK is an excellent example of the unexpected gifts that autism can also grant – her exceptional focus and attention to detail have helped her create incredibly beautiful paintings that many of her fans (and buyers) have likened to Monet’s works.

Little Iris is slowly learning to speak, whereas most children have already begun to speak at least a few words by age 2. Along with speech therapy, her parents gradually introduced her to painting, which is when they discovered her amazing talent.

“We have been encouraging Iris to paint to help with speech therapy, joint attention and turn taking,” her mother, Arabella Carter-Johnson, explains on her website. “Then we realised that she is actually really talented and has an incredible concentration span of around 2 hours each time she paints. Her autism has created a style of painting which I have never seen in a child of her age, she has an understanding of colours and how they interact with each other.”


Hollywood Symmetry
Los Angeles, California, USA | by Aleks Ivic


Hollywood Symmetry

Los Angeles, California, USA | by Aleks Ivic

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"Men who want to be feminists do not need to be given a space in feminism. They need to take the space they have in society & make it feminist."
Kelley Temple, National Union of Students UK Women’s Officer  (via feministkitsch)




Columbia University Student Will Drag Her Mattress Around Campus Until Her Rapist Is Gone

"I think the act of carrying something that is normally found in our bedroom out into the light is supposed to mirror the way I’ve talked to the media and talked to different news channels, etc," Emma continues in the full video which you can watch here. 

So, I just want to go into HOW MUCH Columbia and the NYPD has failed, and revictimized, Emma Sulkowitz.

In her school hearing, Sulkowitz ” had to explain to the three administrators on the panel how anal rape worked. She told them she had been hit across the face, choked and pinned down, but, she said, one still seemed confused about how it was possible for someone to penetrate her there without lubricant. Sulkowicz said she had to draw them a diagram.”

"Her best friend was meant to be at the hearing; Sulkowicz had chosen her as her one “supporter.” But her friend was kicked out of that role for talking about the case, according to Sulkowicz, in violation of the university’s confidentiality policy. As punishment, her friend was also put on probation and made to write two reflection papers: one from the perspective of Sulkowicz and another from the accused."


- Two other women at Columbia have accused this guy of sexual assault/rape. But he’s been found not responsible in all instances, and is still on campus

- When she went to the police, one officer said: “”You invited him into your room. That’s not the legal definition of rape.”

- Another officer told her friends, who came with her: ““For every single rape I’ve had, I’ve had 20 that are total bull——,” he added. “It’s also my type of job to get to the truth. If that means being harsh about it, that’s what I do.”

And that’s.

I want to set literally everything on fire.

Reposting because people need to see this.

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I DID NOT KNOW JOSH LUCAS WAS IN THE NEW DEBRA MESSING SHOW. No, asshole, I don’t have the time to watch another new show. Hell, I have yet to start watching any of the shows that have premiered so far. Instead, I start watching Banshee. Oy.


so I was wearing a Captain America shirt on my run today and TWO separate people shouted ‘ON YOUR LEFT’ at me

sometimes the world is a wonderful and magical place

Sterek. maybe one where Derek has been turned into a small child, (by a witch or someting) and won't let anyone near Stiles ?


"Get ‘way from him!"

"Derek," Stiles laughs as a six year old Derek Hale weaves between his legs in a panic, lurching out every now and then to growl at Allison and Erica. "You’re not ‘llowed to be his friend, I’m his friend."

Erica wipes her eyes, catches her breath as she finishes laughing, “Oh, honey, you two are so not friends.”

"Erica!" Stiles hisses, "Quit it."

"We’re friends, now," Derek interrupts, grabbing at Stiles’ hand and blinking up at him, "One day we’ll get married. Then we’ll be friends forever, and Stiles can cook me macaroni cheese every day."

"That sounds lovely," Allison coos, leaning forward to pat Derek on the head. 

"You can’t marry him!" Derek bats away her hand, "You can marry someone else, I wanna marry Stiles."

Erica flips open her phone, “God, he’s going to go so red when he sees this at their actual wedding one day.”

"Hey," Allison grins, elbows Stiles, "How many people can say they actually had their five year old self declare who they were gonna get married to, and be right?"

"I hate you both," Stiles groans. 

Derek tugs on his leg, “You don’t hate me, do you, Stiles?”

"No, bud!" Stiles ducks down, scoops Derek into his arms and taps his nose. "I love you most."

"Good," Derek squirms, satisfied, "Me too."

Erica sniffs in the background, rubs her eyes surreptitiously. 


Kate Winslet, photographed by Daniel Jackson for Harper’s BAZAAR, June/July, 2014.


Kate Winslet, photographed by Daniel Jackson for Harper’s BAZAAR, June/July, 2014.


Let’s set the world on fire, we can burn brighter than the sun.
 Avengers college au—detail close ups here!


Let’s set the world on fire, we can burn brighter than the sun.

Avengers college au—detail close ups here!

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